ZZ Top:

While working for Marshall, I was sent to bring up some “dummy” and loaded 4x12 cabinets for Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons to use at a show up in the Boston area. While hanging with their “Dancing Girls”, I took a shot with them backstage. Had lots of fun with them. The picture of me in front of Frank Beard's drums was taken right before they went on. What a show they put on and WOW what a set of buses they had. They were stacked to the nines with everything you could think of. When ZZ came to Long Island, we were invited to the Nassau Coliseum to hang with the boys again, so I brought a good friend along and we partied like there was no tomorrow. They treated us like we were kings and I’ll never forget the experience. First class act. Billy signed a photo and thanked us for the support.

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