I met Randy, Guy, and Felix back in 1989 when I started as a Korg keyboard technician. Randy brought me a couple of old Korg synths that were used on their first album that were both having some troubles. I was able to get them going, and ever since that day a personal and professional relationship started with Zebra. I’d have to say that they were the first “famous” band that I ever got to work with. After leaving Korg and Marshall, Randy and the guys would bring their broken gear to me at my shop in N.Y.

Many times I would go out to their shows either to help out or just to hang with them and enjoy their kick-ass music. I’ve been a fan ever since their first release. I had such good times with them and they always treated me with respect and professionalism. I recently got in touch with Randy and we exchanged some old memories. Those guys will always be in my memory for their music and for the way they treated me.

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