Milijenko Matijevic of Steelheart:  Best known for his lead vocals in the band Steelheart and whose voice you hear in the movie “Rockstar” with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston. “Mili”, as anyone close to him calls him, has been a very close friend of mine for the past few years now, and I have had the privilege of working with him on various different projects including some of my own as well as his. Amps, speakers, all sorts of repairs have come my way as a result of meeting Mili and his band. Amazing voice as well as person. We see each other a lot these days and are feverishly working on a new amplifier together which should be out by summer of 2008. Mili’s new music and band are out of this world intense. Best music I’ve heard since Zeppelin. I can’t wait for him and his new project to fly. The photo you see is one of many I had to choose from. I happen to like the green.

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