Eddie Van Halen’s guitar

The various photos seen here of Eddie Van Halen's guitar were taken at the Marshall factory around 1990 when I worked there as a technician. The former Product Manager, Ritchie Fliegler, and I went to pick this guitar up at the home of tennis star Vitas Gueralitas who died that year in a freak accident in a pool cabana out on Long Island. The guitar needed repairs to the volume control and bridge. Rumor has it that the volume pot was frozen stiff because Eddie rotated the pot so many times playing “Cathedral”, and it locked up. The guitar was given to Gueralitas when the two were friends. One picture shows the guitar on a stand in front of Angus Young's 1959 100-Watt that Ritchie and I were working on at the time. A lot of the hotshot guitarists that worked for Marshall were cranking those two pieces in the sound room playing “Eruption” and other Van Halen tunes. Another picture is of Nick Bowcott from “Grim Reaper” holding and licking the axe. Nick is currently Marshall's Product Manager and columnist for Guitar World.

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